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Swedish Aromatic Massage (55 min)
Choose your aromatic oil for this superb massage involving soothing hand movements which work into the muscle and soft tissue to induce relief from stress and tension. Covering most of the body and focusing on theback. Strength can be varied as you wish.

Sports (Therapeutic) Massage (55 min)
A combination of Thai, Swedish and deep tissue techniques to ease aches, pains and strains. This massage will vary according to your particular needs, please indicate to the masseuse if you have any particular muscular problem.

Asian Blend Massage (55 min)
A Traditional Thai massage combined with the use of an aromatic oil of your choice. (Not recommended for back problems).

Foot Reflex Massage (55 min)
Based on the original Ingham method, this specialist treatment involves the systematic stimulation of all the nerve reflexes in the feet, which correspond to the internal organs, and all parts of the body. Far more than a foot massage, vvthis holistic healing technique helps restores balance and harmony to your body. The treatment also includes some wonderfully relaxing head massage and foot massage with soothing cream.

Traditional Thai Massage (90 min)
Passed down the line from ancient times, this massage involves the application of pressure and a degree of stretching to the muscles, also involving prolonged pressure on the 'meridians' of the body. Without the use of oil. Mainly on the legs. (Not recommended for back problems).

Deep Cleansing Facial (55 min)
Using the purest skin care on earth, this facial begins with a deep pore cleansing and gentle exfoliation, followed by a Jurlique mask specific for your skin type. This treatment will leave you with a lucent glow and soft, healthy skin.

Aromatherapy Facial Treatment (55 min)
A rejuvenating experience of a cleansing, hydrating, moisturising, facial massage and mask designed to purify and promote beautifully radiant skin. An exceptional facial treatment tailored to meet your specific skin condition and comes complete with a pampering hand and foot treatment.

Fitness Facial for Men (55 min)
Uniquely designed for men, this facial will cleanse, hydrate, moisturise and refresh your skin. This treatment also includes a hand and foot treatment

Traditional Thai Facial (55 min)
Using fresh cucumber, turmeric, yogurt and traditional white clay, this facial gently cleanses and tones the skin. Perfect for those who are stressed or fatigued, this facial will do wonders to brighten the complexion.

Tamarind Skin Exfoliation (55 min)
Based on Tamarind, Ochna and Honey, this treatment uplifts, and revives whilst exfoliating the skin with natural rice meal. Thai Women over the centuries have relied on honey as a natural skin softener. Tamarind and Ochna provide cleansing and nourishing properites to give the skin a radiant glow

Aromatherapy Body Salt Glow (55 min)
Aromatic sea salts are freshly ground in preparation for this luxury skin
treatment. They are applied to the skin with pure lavender body oil and concluded with the application of lavender body lotion that will leave your skin as soft as velvet.

Asian Blend Body Scrub (55 min)
Using Mali as the prominent ingredient, this exquisite scrub contains blossom, roots and natural plant extracts carefully researched to provide a unique skin exfoliate. Feel thoroughly cleansed and uplifted after the application of this nourishing herbal preparation.

Lymphatic Drainage (55 min)
This treatment is designed to stimulate the body's lymphatic system, a fluid filled network, which circulates fats, proteins and immune cells and removes bacteria, viruses and cholesterol. Combined with exercise, it can lead to a reduction in water retention, and in some cases, cellulite.

Sun-Lovers Recovery Wrap (55 min)
The Perfect moisture body mask to accompany holiday sun bathing. This soothing wrap uses the calming and healing properties of Cucumber and Aloe Vera to rehydrate the skin, leaving it fresh and cool. Blend with pure Lavender oil, this wonderfully aromatic treatment will help to relax the mind as it heals the skin.

'White Mud' Hot Herbal Wrap (55 min)
Enriched with an abundance of the region's most beneficial herbs, white mud or 'din so pong' provides a cleansing, antiseptic action whilst thermal energy allows the skin to promote toxin elimination.An absolute treat!

Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap (55 min)
Using the healing and detoxifying properties of Dead Sea minerals, this superior treatment will leave your body feeling refreshed, energized and smooth as silk. It also aids in the reduction of cellulite and is excellent for cases of water retention.

The Spa Experience (1 hr 50 min)
For complete pampering, choose any facial treatment and combine it with an oil massage of your choice.

Mind and Body Reflex (1 hr 50 min)
Treat your body with a holistic Foot Reflex massage followed by an energizing Asian Blend or stimulating Swedish massage for the complete relief of aches and pains.

Total Body Polish (1 hr 50 min)
This completes body treatment combines an Aromatherapy Body Salt Glow with the Facial of your choice for the ultimate in total body revitalisation.

Sports Combination (1 hr 50 min)
Relieve muscle tension, ease tired joints and replenish your energy with our Dead Sea Mud Wrap followed by a therapeutic Sports Massage.

The Spa Indulgence (3 hrs)
For complete indulgence, enjoy a Tamarind Skin Exfoliation followed by a Foot Reflex Massage in preparation to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and appearance with a Swedish massage and Aromatherapy Facial treatment.

Touch of Thailand (Couples,3 hrs.)
To truly experience what Thailand has to offer, this is a must for all travelers. Designed especially for couples, an Herbal Steam, Asian Blend Body Scrub shall be followed by an Asian Blend massage and then a Thai Traditional Facial. While you relax and rejuvenate "Thai Style", Thai Fruit Juice and Thai Fruits shall also be served to complete this very unique experience.

Club Med Paradise (4 hrs.)
Bringing together everything you have ever wanted to pamper yourself with, this is the ultimate in mind, body and soul revitalization. Aromatic herbal steam and Jacuzzi relax and loosen your muscles before a Tamarind Skin Exfoliation removes dead skin layers in preparation for the treat to come. Swedish massage, a "White Mud" Hot Herbal Wrap and Aromatherapy Facial then complete your transition into are energized, relaxed, glowing new you.

Fragrant Floral Bath (30 min)
Soak in a warm bath infused with fresh Thai herbs and filled with flowers. A luxurious way to relax amidst the tropical fragrances of Thailand.

Herbal Bath (30 min)
Soak in this refreshing bath infused with fragrant Thai herbs as a prelude to any body treatment. Wonderful for easing muscular tensions and joints complaints, or just relaxing.

Aromatic Herbal Steam (30 min)
Refresh your body in this gentle cloud of stream filled with the aroma of fresh Thai herbs. Ideal before a massage, or anytime to cleanse the skin, clear the lungs promote the circulation and invigorate the body.

Jacuzzi (30 min)
Relax and enjoy as our Jacuzzi gently soothes your cares away.